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Holiday Escape: 10 tips to pack like a pro for your beach vacation!


Photo: Getty Images

Beach vacation: The sweetest words to a woman’s ears! It’s all about the sun blazing, perfect windy breeze and work being a distant memory. Now, when you have the picture perfect moment in your head, your flight and hotel tickets ticked off your list and the only thing hovering on your mind is what all you need to fit in your suitcase? Excellent news ladies! We’ve got this covered. Time to take notes, before you head off to have some fun in the sun!

OTT- Over the top Wide Hat:

Not only will it keep your flawless skin protected from the heat, but help you tuck your hair in with all the breezy wind.


Pic: Pinterest

Caftan Affair:

Your perfect accessory this summer. Not only will this classy caftan add all the glitz and glam to your entire look, but will be the perfect cover up when you want to save yourself from some excessive tanning.



Flat Metallic Sandals:

Make way for some sparkly metallic flats. Not only do these metallics take the drab element out of the flip flops, but make your beach look more chic and glam!

Pic: Pinterest

A Chic Little Tote

Time to ditch all your day to day handbags and tag along these uber cool and summery beach totes. Notice how these colourful pom poms add an extra bit of colourful vibe to your sunny summer beach set up? Don’t worry ladies, the market is filled with these bags, we're . Were sure you’ll be thoroughly spoilt for choice!


PIC: Pinterest

Summer Time Shades:

Your pretty eyes too need some protection. Beaches are all about the wayfarers, aviators and reflectors. It’s all about going OTT and all glam at the beach! These shades need to scream – “I’ve got my glam squad on”

Pic: Pinterest

BEACH Reads:

When beaches are all about the high end drama and the glitz and glam, how can we forget our summer read? What better than #girlboss in an environment, where it’s all about the ladies and their style goals! Of course, we aren’t forgetting the MEN!

Pic: pinterest

Sun- screen:

Damaging your skin is a big NO NO! Don’t forget to add this must have to your packing list.

P.S: Pick one with anti-ageing benefits, which will automatically double the benefits on your holiday trip. You can thank us later!

Pic: Pinterest

WATER- PROOF speakers:

Just as much your skin needs protection, so do your speakers. You definitely don’t need your speakers crashingin the middle of all your jamming and fun!


Pic: pinterest

BEACH -Towel:

Gone are the olden days, where towels were all plain and boring and in come all the schwancy fancy funky towels, which not only is the most essential item of your list, but also acts as the perfect add on accessory to your check list.

Pic: Pinterest

Swim suit:

Keeping the best for the last, no trip to the beach is complete without a classy swim suit. Be it the statement bold two piece or the uber glam two-piece swimsuit. Don’t worry girls, the swimsuit world is your oyster, when it comes to picking the swim wear of your choice.


Pic: Pinterest